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Sumerizer is our web app for training and testing students in times tables.

Open Sumerizer


Spellerizer is our web app for training and testing students in spellings.

Open Spellerizer

Comic Strip Maker

Make a simple comic strip and download it to print out or share.

Comic Strip Maker

Stop Motion Maker

Use your web cam to make a quick stop motion movie to download and share.

Stop Frame


Microscope helps you to view and measure things using your digital microscope.

Open Microscope

Printable Paper

A selection of A4 paper designs for printing including a variety of graph paper.

Open Printable Paper

QR Code Generator

Generate QR Codes to link to URLs.

Open QR Code Generator

Space Rocks

Our first game. A retro game with a great sound track.

Play Space Rocks

Javascript Editor

An online Javascript and JSON editor with context highlighting.


Xml Editor

An online XML editor with context highlighting.

XML Editor

Voice Pad

A text note pad with optional dictation and reading. Just for fun and frustration really.

Voice Pad

SQL Editor

An online SQL editor with context highlighting.

SQL Editor

Python Editor

An online Python editor with context highlighting.

Python Editor

Data Transformer

Transform one file into another using a javascript transformer.

Data Transformer

File Difference Viewer

Compare two text files and see the differences.

File Difference Viewer

Maths Calculator

Maths Calculator.


Sun Calculator

Calculate Sun rise and set for any date and location.

Sun Calculator

Calendar Calculator

A Calculator to claculate past and future dates from a given date.

Calendar Calculator

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